“I’ve been to Coláiste na Rosann for the past 3 years and it just keeps on getting better” Liam Mac Giolla Chomhail, Dún na nGall. Aois 15bl.

“D’fhóghlaim mé a lán gaeilge and rinne mé a lán cairde nua – bhí sé ar fheabhas agus beidh mé arís” Máire, BÁC, Aois 14bl..

Coláiste na Rosann is situated on the Wild Atlantic Way in the beautiful Gaeltacht village of Annagry or Anagaire in West Donegal. Each year hundreds of students descend on the village. They come to where Irish is still the vernacular of the community. They come to listen to Irish being spoken as a real rich living language in its natural environment. They come for an authentic immersion into Irish Culture and Heritage. They come to hear it in their deep hearts core….

To do a course at Coláiste na Rosann really is a magical thing and the experience cannot be justifiably described in words.

If you are aged between 10-18 years then you are invited to experience the enchantment and draw that Coláiste na Rosann offers.

You will learn lots of Irish, make lots of new friends, have lots of new, exciting and challenging experiences. We have been conducting courses for 30 years and have developed a wealth of experience in delivering top quality courses aimed at ensuring you have an exciting and memorable Coláiste na Rosann adventure!!!

5 reasons to attend Coláiste na Rosann:
1. You will be safe and happy
2. You will develop your fluency in Irish
3. You will have a great Bean a tí in Anagaire
4. You will make lots of new friends
5. You will have the experience of a lifetime

Each morning there are Irish Language Classes – you will be graded according to your ability so that you gain benefit from the course. Each afternoon we have planned activities and events.
Each night we have Céilí, Discó, Talent Show, Quiz, Theme nights, Fun and games.

PLEASE NOTE: All instruction throughout the course is in Irish. All teachers, staff, bean a tí’s will only speak Irish throughout the normal running of the course.

Coláiste na Rosann organise coach pick points from most major centres of population so getting here is easy!

Coláiste na Rosann organise talks for parents/guardians and students at various locations around the country to ensure everyone is prepared for the trip!

1. Bring layers of clothing….
2. Think trackies and extra socks
3. Bring your county jersey
4. Extra phone credit
5. Bring a pillowcase from home to help you settle in….

6. Practise party piece for a Talent Show
7.  Start thinking ‘as Gaeilge’

Clár an Lae/ Daily Schedule

Structure of a typical day at Coláiste na Rosann:

9 o’ chlog Am Bricfeasta
10 – 1 Ag fóghlaim Gaeilge sa rang
1 – 3 Saor don Lón/ Lunch
3 – 5 Ag foghlaim Ceol, Damhsa, Turais Lae, Spórt, An Trá 7rl
6 o’chlog Am Tae Tráthnóna
7- 8 Am Saor
8 – 10 Imeachtaí Oíche – Céilí, Seó Talún, Ceolchoirm
10.30 An Suipéar/ Supper